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Season 1

Hayley hates Klaus and Klaus is becoming territorial over her but thinks its because of the baby. They have few interactions but when they do, it tense and sometimes there is eye sex. 😍😍

Season 2

Klaus and Hayley start to become…

Wishful thinking. =D



A/N I am really dumb on what you meant by crossover but I’m pretty sure this is it. Its a crossover between Klayley and gossip girl. This originally was a scene between chuck and Blair in 3x07 and I morphed it into Klayley. So enjoy!

Klaus approached Hayley on a mission. He has tried to satisfy…


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klayley -- smutty kingdom??? wondering if its possible.. like. yeah.

munea-dances-with-wolves answered:

klaus/hayley kingdom

(a/n: Fairytale au, warning: nsfw/explicit sexual content)

He takes the girl by the wrist and pulls her away.

Hayley glances up at him, as her dark lashes flutter against his cheek while he flies her to safety. There’s something a little familiar about him, she thinks, while observing how his wispy blond hair is faintly dusted with a bit of brown, and those rosy pink lips, bright blue eyes that sparkle underneath the sunlight.

“Are you all right, sweetheart?” He puts her down on a patch of grass, far far away from the trolls that had tried to rip her apart.

Hayley flinches, as the man before her locks eyes with her. She, shyly, nods her head, averting her eyes and staring at the long gash, tracing a line down her leg.

“You’re hurt,” he tells her, cold hands clumsily gripping her wounded limb. “Shall I heal it for you?”

Hayley raises a brow, biting her bottom lip as she folded her leg back, trembling at his calloused touch. “Heal?” She repeats, confused.

The man smirks, taking her ankle and locking it between his fingers. “Why don’t I show you?”

She thinks about it, wondering if, perhaps the superhero smile he’d given her had carried the slightest hint of evil. But, the slicing pain on her leg was getting to her. And so, she gives in. Hayley nods, and the man ends up sinking his teeth in to his forearm, guiding his bleeding skin to her mouth.

“Drink up, little wolf.”

As it turns out, mysterious superheroes don’t actually exist. Ancient vampires, on the other hand, do.

It takes a while to get used to it, but Niklaus (yes, that’s his name, but he did tell her that she could call him ‘Klaus’) eases her in to it slowly and steadily as he introduces her to his family.

Finn is stoic, obedient and sort-of stand-offish. But, he doesn’t bother her and Hayley supposes that she shouldn’t be too mindful of him. Elijah, however, is very charming, offering her a welcoming smile as she tumbles inside his home. Rebekah is beautiful, strong-willed and full of sunlight and laughter. Finally, there’s Kol, humorous and wicked, and Hayley thinks that despite Rebekah’s fair hair and fond smile, it is Kol who takes after Klaus the most.

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