It has been three months since Hope was taken away by Rebekah, out of this cruel world that people lived in. Hayley had done nothing in the meantime and did her best to avoid everyone in the house, especially Elijah and Klaus. They all felt like strangers now, like their one hope at reuniting…


💜 Klayley Wishes Week 💜


 Day 1

I wish for Hayley to help Klaus, by being there for him while he’s struggling with the curse and letting him know that all of this wasn’t his fault like Elijah  wanted to make him believe it was. 

I think Klaus still harbors some guilt so it would be nice if Hayley was the one to reassure him that it isn’t his fault and that they’ll work together to bring Hope back home where she belongs and be in their arms again.



Hmm, I suppose what I wish/want most is for Hayley to knock on the door of the room that Klaus has barricaded himself into, to speak to him gently, with a tear-stained but determined face and to tell him it’s ok, she knows what he’s going through, and that killing the people responsible can only…

Klayley Wishes Week
I personally would really want Hayley to tell Klaus and help instill in his mind that everything Mikael made him believe about himself isn’t true. It’s the one thing I think that would really help Klaus defeat Mikael once and for all. She already started doing so with “Nothing true” but I want to see her get it into his brain and make him see for certain that he is not a monster or coward or horrible terrible person, that he just faced a monster like Mikael and got broken down, but then tell him that together they can defeat him. (via captainnoonesgirl)